Friday, August 30, 2013

Amy & Solange

Below, are two great women from the neighborhood who I think are both beautiful on the inside and outside. They both kindly let me "practice" on them.

This is Amy who was photographed last week. We shot around 4PM at Teardrop Park where it was slightly overcast. I love this park for photography. The beautiful trees and rocks serve as great backgrounds. The many areas of shade are a great respite from harsh lighting as well. I used a 50mm f1.8 lens (which I haven't taken off my camera since I bought it) on a Canon 60D.

Below is Solange, who was a great sport! She was not prepared and had no make-up on but still looks amazing! It was roughly around 4PM and again I was using the 50mm f1.8. Solange is a physical therapist and personal trainer at Beach Baby Fitness, who specializing in pregnancy and post partum exercise. Check her out here.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Workers

I've become that annoying person that always has their camera. This was taken while walking home from a date night with my husband. The photo was taken around 7:30pm. This Mr. Chow waiter was standing perfectly, and his white crisp jacket looked great against the old brick and iron in the background. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot without the settings correctly set. The result was an image a bit underexposed but I still really like it. The image would also be a bit better if there weren't the two diners behind him. Taken with 50mm.

Walking Suits
These guys caught my eye because one of them was holding a basket which looked kind of funny to me considering they're in suits. I like the leading lines created by the iron facade, and stoop on the left. They seem to balance the men on the right.  I don't mind that we don't see their faces, as it adds a bit of intrigue to the image.
Flower Man

It was midday when this was taken so the sun was especially harsh. To protect the flowers from wilting, a bamboo screen was pulled down with enough room for this man to work. The way the light was softened by the screen, resulted in beautiful light on the flowers and his hand.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Night and Rain

I am fascinated by night street photography and particularly like when the streets are wet after it's rained. The photos below are some of my first attempts at this kind of setting. I'm finding that it's a lot harder to get a good photo under these conditions. I was happy with these images for my first attempt. In the first photo, I like the different kinds of light present, ex. the glow of neon store lights on the left and the car and street lights on the right. The umbrella is beautiful too.

This photo is not anywhere near perfect but I find myself liking it. I don't mind that the peoples faces are blurred. Click on images to make larger.